NCTB Local Rules & Policies

Pitching rule violations

The penalty for pitching rule violations at NCTB tournaments will be: (1) Head Coach immediate ejection; (2) Pitcher removed from the mound and the game (including other positions and batting). It will no longer be an automatic forfeit. 

Tournament entry

You are only guaranteed a spot in our tournament if payment is received either by mail or by paying online. Signing up, but not paying does not guarantee your spot for the tournament. We WILL ACCEPT post-dated checks (date them for 10 days before the event) and will hold such checks until that date, but mark the team paid. We do not accept deposits.

Refund policy

Effective 8/20/2020, all payments for events are non-refundable. We will instead be offering credit to future events.

0 Games played-Full credit of tournament fee
1 Game played- 66% credit of tournament fee
2 Games played-33%credit of tournament fee
3 Games played- No Credit
Game started equals a game played

Gate fees

Many venues have gate fees. Please be prepared for gate fees at most parks.

Deadline to drop-out

All requests to be removed from an event must be received through an email to [email protected].  Requests to be removed from an event will not be taken over the phone.

For regular tournaments, the deadline for paid teams to drop from the tournament is 10 days before. Teams dropping after that but before the Monday prior to the event will be responsible for a $100 late drop fee. Teams dropping on or after the Monday prior to the tournament are responsible for the entire entry fee and will not be refunded.   For 3-day weekend tournaments and special two day events (Spring PGBA, Best of the Best, Prospect Wire Super Regional), the deadline to drop is two weeks before the event. All drop deadlines are posted on the event page.

Entries of the same team in different locations or divisions in the same event will be treated as separate teams and need to withdraw according to the above policy.

Championship awards in rain-shortened events

We will give out Championship awards if a team has reached the Championship Game only. A tournament is not won by the team with the best pool play record, so in events where no semi-final has been completed, no awards will be distributed.

14u-18u events

All 14u-18u Events only allow Wood or BBCOR bats unless specifically stated otherwise.

Team registration

All teams must register with Perfect Game to be eligible to play in our tournaments. 

Tie procedure

POOL PLAY games: If the score is tied after regulation (time or innings) then the game ends in a tie.

- BRACKET games: If the score is tied after regulation (time or innings) teams will play until there is a winner using the Perfect Game tie breaker.

- Perfect Game Tie Breaker: BOTH umpires and Managers will meet, and BOTH Managers will declare THEN where in their lineups they will start the first extra inning. The previous three players in the lineup from the batter starting at bat in all extra innings will begin on base with one out (courtesy runners are allowed if applicable). Example: If the sixth batter leads off, the fourth batter will be on second and the fifth batter on first base. If after one inning the game is still tied (BRACKETED PLAY ONLY), all following innings will continue to begin with runners on base. However, the managers are not allowed to, “Reset,” the batting position in their lineups

Time clocks

NCTB tournaments feature time clocks on all games which have time-limits. The time clock should be kept in plain view and time should be started at the END of the plate meeting or when the home team takes the field, whichever comes first. If you believe the clock was started earlier by an umpire, please alert tournament staff immediately and do not allow the game to start! We will correct the umpire and get it right.

Smoke/Air Quality Policy

We will go by the official government site for Air Quality Index. 

AQI over 150 (Unsafe or Worse): We will not play

AQI between 100 & 150 (Unsafe for Sensitive Groups): Possibility of cancellation. Will depend on forecast, winds and where the AQI is at (more likely to cancel at 148 than 102, for example).

AQI under 100 (Moderate or Better): Games will be played

Games cancelled due to Air Quality will be handled the same way as rain out games.