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Where the top players play

Welcome to The League


  • Top 8th Grade players in Northern California
  • Play at premium venues 
  • The best competition of the spring
  • Excellent coaching and instruction
  • Scouted by Perfect Game Scouting
  • 7th Grade Division

NCTB is committed to making The League a special experience, and one that complements each player's baseball experience with their travel team/program of choice. In addition to providing the opportunity for top players to play with and against each other, The League is about helping guys grow as players and as young men.


The League will be hosting a 7th Grade division. We have selected four team names, TIGERS, GOLDEN BEARS, SUN DEVILS & VOLS will take the field next spring for 3 weekends of great baseball.


8th Grade Division plays 60/90 - BBCOR Bats Only
7th Grade Division plays 60/90- -5 Bats Allowed

2024 8th Grade League Dates

Feb 24-25- Billy Hebert Stadium (Stockton)
Mar 9-10- Islanders Field (Lathrop)
Apr 13-14- Twin Creeks Sports Complex (Sunnyvale)
April 27-28- Borman Field (Yountville)
May 18-19- Mission College (or other premium location in greater San Jose area)

2024 7th Grade League Dates

March 16-17 - Billy Hebert Stadium (Stockton)
April 13-14 - Twin Creeks Sports Complex (Sunnyvale)
May 4-5 - Islanders Field (Lathrop)

THE LEAGUE (8th Grade): Rosters


Player Position
Noah Aquilina          OF/3B
Jason Ballesteros  IF/C
Hudson Brown OF/RHP/1b
Colin Crvarich C/OF
Cohen Dwyer IF/RHP
Mason Harris IF/RHP
Trace Hoover IF/RHP
Julian Hopkins OF
Gideon Mayo IF/RHP/C
Tennyson McMickin 1B
Zeke Nguyen IF/RHP
Anthony Skinner C/RHP
Layton Smith          OF/RHP


Player Position
Johnny Archuleta     OF/IF/RHP
Jacob Cole IF/RHP
Chris Cruz IF
Gavin Gnech IF
David Goss IF
Ben Jordan IF/RHP
Nick Loew OF/RHP
Landon Miller OF/RHP
Isaac Schroeder OF/IF
Siale Tulua 1b/RHP
Sione Tulua C/RHP
Zach Uhler             IF/OF
Wade Untermann C/IF
Hudson Watten OF/RHP
Liam Widner IF/RHP


Player Position
Anthony Bermudez  OF
Christian Cabanas IF/RHP
Jack Carpenter C/IF/RHP
Sawyer Eaddy IF/RHP
Jack Graham IF/RHP
Kylen Gravely OF/LHP
Brock Hartmann IF/RHP
Logan Haze IF/RHP
Keoni Kaanehe IF/RHP
Micah Mandracken C/IF
Zach Roeder OF
Riley Salvemini IF/RHP
Jaxxon Tweedt OF/C


Player Position
Tyler Brooks           OF/RHP
Boss Burke C/IF/RHP
Fletcher Cahill OF/1b/LHP
Miles Cornell IF/RHP
Colby Fernandez IF/RHP
Callaway Haluska IF/RHP
Landon King IF
Cole Medina OF/LHP
Cooper Neff 1b/LHP
Maxim Rocheleau IF/C/RHP
Roman Stewart OF
Tristan Walters IF/RHP
Brandon Williams C/IF


2013 (Class of '17) 

Player League Team College Commitment Pro Team
Biles, James Hot Rods  St. Mary's #
Bosetti, Tyler Volcanoes  Nevada 
Carnazzo, Danny Volcanoes NC State
Chalmers, Zach Hot Rods  Cal Poly ~
Claunch, Troy Volcanoes  Oregon State  White Sox (free agent signee)
Cosgrove, Jake Iron Pigs  UC Irvine *
Curran, Michael III Volcanoes Santa Clara ~
Daniels, Chris Volcanoes Sacramento State * ~
Denholm, Trenton Volcanoes  UC Irvine Guardians (14th Rd)
Diggle, Blake Iron Pigs  USC #
Dreisbach, Nolan Iron Pigs  Air Force #
Ibarra, Ruben Hot Rods San Jose State
Jackson, Todd Iron Pigs University of San Diego ~
Jenkins, Ryan Volcanoes San Jose State
Green, John Hot Rods University of the Pacific ~
Joaquim, Chris Hot Rods  UNLV *
Johnson, Charlie Hot Rods University of the Pacific ~
King, Haydn Hot Rods  UNLV ~ Giants
Kramer, Shea Iron Pigs University of Utah
McGarry, Griff Hot Rods University of Virginia Phillies (5th Rd)
Nelson, Darren Volcanoes Cal Poly
Norton, Bradley Grasshoppers Nevada ~
Rodriguez, Brady Grasshoppers Sacramento State
Smith, Hance Volcanoes Cal *
Smith, Patrick Iron Pigs Purdue
Teijeiro, RJ Hot Rods UCLA 
Thimjon, Nate Iron Pigs Fresno State
Torkelson, Spencer Volcanoes  Arizona State  Tigers (1st Round)
Ward, Braiden Grasshoppers  University of Washington 
Williams, Drew Iron Pigs San Jose State *

2014 (Class of '18)

Player League Team College Commitment Pro Team
Benavides, Alex Carolina Blue San Diego St ~
Begell, Bryce Texas Orange Arizona ~
Brandow, Jason Scarlet Cal State Fullerton Pirates (22nd Rd)
Carlson, Tanner Carolina Blue Long Beach State
Chavarria, Martin Texas Orange Pacific ~
Clayton, Matt Royal Blue Nevada
Elder, Austin Purple Cal State Northridge
Elvis, Cole Purple Cal * Twins (free agent signee)
Filby, Jack Scarlet UCLA
Fung, Chris Royal Blue UC San Diego
Hagopian, Joe Scarlet New Mexico ~
Hansen, Brett Texas Orange Vanderbilt
Higgins, Ryan Purple Fresno State Orioles (9th Round)
Hinrichsen, Jack Carolina Blue Cal
Jensen, Cody Royal Blue Stanford
Medrano, Nathan Royal Blue Houston
Miller, AJ Carolina Blue Oregon
Rozell, Brennan Scarlet Long Beach State
Sutter, Ryan Royal Blue UC Davis
Taylor, Drew Scarlet USF
Tosti, Vinny Carolina Blue Oregon ~

2015 (Class of '19)

Player League Team College Commitment Pro Team
Barber, Colin Titans  Oregon Astros (4th Round)
Beavers, Dylan Beavers Cal Orioles (1st Rd, 33rd pick)
Benbrook, Carter Commodores UCSB *
Benson, Cooper Beavers Arizona State Blue Jays (17th Rd)
Brigman, Coleman Ducks Santa Clara *
Caviness, Austin Commodores San Jose State #
Cloyd, Ethan Beavers Cal
Fenn, Griff Titans Nevada *
Fondtain, TJ Ducks San Diego State Rays (14th Rd)
Freeman, Nate Ducks UC Davis
King, Mason Beavers UC San Diego
Lance, Eamonn Titans Santa Clara
Lee, Brooks Ducks Cal Poly Twins (1st Rd, 8th pick)
Lawrence, Brandon Titans Michigan
Meddings, Zach Beavers Nevada
Park, Eddie Beavers Stanford White Sox (8th Rd)
Murphy, Kai Ducks Oregon State Padres (Free Agent Signee)
Stevens, Grant Titans Pacific
Williams, Kenny Beavers San Jose State
Wood, Eli Titans Cal #

2016 (Class of '20)

Player League Team College Commitment
Bachelier, Vinnie TItans Nevada
Barnhart, Hunter Titans Arizona State Rays (3rd Rd)
Bethancourt, Tino Ducks San Diego State
Blatnick, Carson Ducks Washington *
Breedwell, Jared Commodores* USF *
Brown, Sam Ducks Portland * Angels (12th Rd)
Cymrot, Jonathan Commodores Kansas *
Davis, Chase Commodores Arizona Cardinals (1st Rd, Pick 21)
DeCelle, Kenny Titans Santa Clara
Enos, Zach Commodores Sacramento State
Forrester, Garrett Commodores * Oregon State Pirates (3rd Rd)
Fung, Matty Beavers Boise State
Grant, Jack Ducks Arizona *
Halpin, Petey Titans Texas * Guardians (3rd Rd)
Hansen, Ben Titans Vanderbilt
Loessberg, Dez Commodores Cal
Martinez, Max Titans Kansas
McClellin, Brian Beavers Cal
Mugan, Michael Beavers Santa Clara *
Troy, Tommy Ducks Stanford Diamondbacks (1st Rd, Pick 12)
Santander, Cole Ducks Cal #
Soderstrom, Tyler Titans UCLA * Athletics (1st Rd, Pick 26)
Park, Eddie Beavers Stanford White Sox (8th Rd)
Weitherspoon, Isaiah Ducks San Jose State
Welch, Nick Titans UCSB
Williams, Luke Commodores UCSB

2017 (Class of '21)

Player League Team College Commitment Pro Team
Allen, Griffin Beavers Grand Canyon
Aroz, Anson Beavers Oregon
Bender, Kyle Commodores Washington
Berger, Aidan Beavers/Commodores UCLA
Blandford, Bobby Commodores Fresno State
Booker, Jason Commodores Air Force
Burke, Blake Titans Tennessee
Butler, Cameron Commodores Cal Poly
Castelli, Michael Ducks St. Mary's
Crawford, Carson Ducks Cal
Cymrot, Jonathan Commodores Kansas *
Delic, Elvin Titans USF
Diaz, Davis Ducks Vanderbilt
Hartmann, Dylan Ducks San Diego State #
Haskins, Trevor Titans Stanford
Hurd, Thatcher Ducks UCLA *
Keighran, Patrick Beavers USF
Larson, Van Commodores Oregon State
Loessberg, Dez Commodores Cal #
McCuistion, Tyler Commodores Long Beach State
McKinney, Austin Titans UOP
Moran, Shane Titans Long Beach State
Mott, Brewster Titans Air Force
Reed, Tyree Beavers/Commodores Oregon State
Rodriguez, Primo Commodores Sacramento State #
Rolling, Kobe Beavers St. Mary's
Sapien, Jake Commodores Stanford
Sheehan, John Beavers Grand Canyon
Splaine, Tommy Commodores Arizona
Susac, Anthony Beavers Arizona *
Timothy, Hunter Ducks Sacramento State
Uber, Ty Beavers Stanford
Walczykowski, Devon Ducks Pepperdine

2018 (Class of '22)

Player League Team College Commitment Pro Team
Agard, JC Commodores Kansas State *
Brown, Joe Ducks Cal #
Cabrera, Antonio Commodores USF
Calia, Kolby Beavers USF
Campbell, Cade Ducks Cal
Criswell, Nate Titans Long Beach State
Ekkelboom, Jaren Titans Cal Poly  #
Fabian, Raoul Ducks Long Beach State
Forrester, Brandon Ducks Oregon State
Gennis, Eli Beavers Rice *
Helfrick, Leighton Titans UC Davis
Jones, Brent Ducks Utah *
Kester-Johnson, Trevor Commodores UCSB #
King, Wyatt Beavers Cal Poly
Larson, Brandon Beavers UCSD/Stanford *
Lewis, Jared Beavers Santa Clara *
Lewis, Jordan Beavers Santa Clara *
Malone, Zack Beavers Sacramento State
Martinez, Anthony Titans UC Irvine
McGowan, Cole Ducks UC Irvine
Moore, Malcolm Commodores Stanford
Nevarez, Jaron Commodores San Diego State
O’Harran, Toran Ducks Stanford
Ortega, Max Titans Cal St. Fullerton *
Pace, Jackson Ducks Oregon *
Putnam, Nick Ducks UCSB
Ritchie, JR Titans UCLA * Braves (2022, 35th pick)
Rodriguez, Freddy Beavers Cal Poly
Salk, Jonas Commodores Portland
Snelling, Robby Titans LSU * Padres (2022, 39th pick)
Terrell, Myles Beavers Southern
Thompson, Caden Commodores Santa Clara
Turkington, Austin Titans Cal
Yorke, Zack Beavers Grand Canyon

2019 (Class of '23)

Player League Team College Commitment
Camberg, Aidan Titans UCSB
Carston, Koen Ducks Santa Clara
Castaneda, MJ Beavers Northern Kentucky
Cleary, Ben Beavers Santa Clara *
Connelly, Kyle Titans Cal
Duncan, Eli Ducks UNC Charlotte
Gaeckle, Gabe Beavers Arkansas *
Hawthrone, Isaac Ducks Santa Clara
Helfrick, Ryder Beavers Arkansas *
Justice, Zach Titans Oregon
Kahler, Sammy Commodores San Diego State
Landry, Isaiah Commodores Alabama St
Madsen, Noah Ducks Nebraska
Mandal, Jayden Beavers Fresno State
Meyer, Cowen Commodores Sacramento State *
Morano, Josh Beavers Arizona
Munster, Cayden Beavers Fresno State
Prather, Hideki Titans Clemson *
Puentes, Dom Titans St. Mary's
Riley, Jordan Ducks Pacific *
Schmidt, Carl     Ducks Texas A & M *
Schneider, Cam Commodores Fresno State
Snyder, Gannon Titans Wichita State
Stevens, Nolan Commodores Mississippi State
Timothy, Carson Commodores UCSB
Thomas, Braxton Ducks Cal Poly
Twist, Toby Beavers Oregon
Viskovich, Bryant Beavers San Diego

2020 (Class of '24)

Player League Team College Commitment
Aber, Hudson Commodores UCSB
Abraham, Nic Commodores Oregon *
Baker, Luke Beavers Santa Clara
Barth, Conner Ducks Oregon State *
Bentley, Chase ('25) Commodores Texas A & M
Colston, Kenji Titans Oregon State *
DeVine, Luke Commodores Santa Clara
Garcia, Adrian Titans Fresno State
Gimenez, Jax Titans Oregon *
Green, Dylan Beavers Cal *
Haas, Nik Titans Cal *
Hershey, Jack Ducks UCSB *
Hirschkorn, Holden Commodores St. Mary's *
Hirschkorn, Houston Commodores UC Davis *
Kelly, Rowan Beavers UCSB
Khambal, Ishaan Beavers USC *
Lee, Jayden Commodores UC San Diego
Marsh, Tatum Titans Stanford
McGee, Joe Titans Arizona *
McKowen, Jake Ducks Oregon State
Mountz, Wade Titans Arkansas
Munger, Brandt Commodores Arizona State *
Nye, Austin Ducks Vanderbilt
Quedens, Michael Ducks Michigan *
Reed, Timothy Ducks USF
Solle, Rex Commodores UCLA
Thompson, Brock Ducks Oklahoma State
Wentworth, Tyler-Paul Titans Clemson
Won, Koa Titans Hawaii
Winters, Kenny Beavers Cal Baptist

2021 (Class of '25)

Player League Team College Commitment
Alvarez, Alonzo Beavers Miami
Anderson, Matthew Titans Texas *
Bentley, Chase Ducks Texas A & M
Brennan, Cash Commodores Arizona
Errecart, Brady Commodores Cal
Hayes, Rashad Ducks Stanford
Fujimoto, Hunter Beavers Santa Clara
Gomez, Fabian Ducks UC Santa Barbara
Kasten, John Ducks North Carolina
Marsh, Quinten Titans Stanford
McCluskey, Reagan Titans Dallas Baptist
Morris, Trey Ducks Texas
Oldwin, Jaeden Titans Coastal Carolina
Panteloglow, Daniel Ducks San Diego St
Taylor, Nikko Beavers Cal
Tiendas, Matthew Ducks Santa Clara
Sell, Brock Beavers Stanford
Ueltzen, Troy Titans Arizona
Wood, Dylan Ducks Arizona

2022 (Class of '26)

Player League Team College Commitment
Belding, Masen Commodores Texas A & M
Bernstine, Buddha Commodores Cal
Deome, Ayden Titans Arizona
Horn, Archer Commodores Stanford
Kane, Sammy Ducks LSU
Maxon, Matt Commodores Stanford
Schlicht, Graham Beavers Stanford
Williams, Tyler Titans Cal