Register for the 2021 Season


With NCTB partnering with Perfect Game, all teams must now register with Perfect Game in order to play. The "old" way of registering with NCTB will no longer work.

To register a team to play in NCTB events for 2021, CLICK HERE. On the upper right of the Perfect Game site there is a link that says "Sign In". If you have a PG account, when you log in it will take you to a screen that has 4 tabs (account, subscription, players, teams). Click on "TEAMS". There will be button for create new team.

To sign up for tournaments, like always, go to the NCTB website and sign up.

You can also sign up thru the Perfect Game website once events are posted there.


We require all teams to have insurance as we always have. It does not matter where your team insurance comes from. Here is a link to a team insurance provider- hopefully this will help you out: