The 100


What if the top 100 underclassmen in Northern California could play with & against each other, right here close to home, at incredible venues, in front of college coaches, in a program that works with (not against) their club team and HS team? And what if that event brought in college coaches and top instructors to help those players get even better? Sounds pretty good right?!

Well, all of that is going to be a reality next summer with the launch of The 100.


ELITE COMPETITION The top 100 underclassmen in the region- going toe-to-toe
ELITE TRAINING College Coaches & Top Instructors there to help the players
A BETTER WAY TO SHOWCASE The 100 brings college coaches directly to the players.
BROTHERHOOD Bonds that last a lifetime
FUN Unique event formats- one weekend will mimic NCAA Regionals, etc

 So here's some more detail and answers to the big questions...

WHO CAN PLAY? Players in the HS Grad Classes of 2021 and 2022
We may allow some limited participation from 2020 players. (Still being worked out)
WHEN IS IT? 5 Different two-day events spread throughout the summer
1st Event will be a Weekend, most likely June 1-2
The other 4 events will take place on Tue/Wed's throughout the summer
We will attempt to schedule around the major tournaments that the top clubs attend
WHERE IS IT? 5 Different Premier Locations throughout Northern California
Central Valley (River Island Ballpark, Stockton)
Sacramento Location (TBD)
South Bay (De Anza College, with possibility of some games at Sunken Diamond)
Bay Area (we would like to use Borman Field in Yountville, but waiting on availability)
1 other location TBD
HOW TO BE SELECTED? Step 1: Direct Invites to roughly 40 players
Step 2: Players who meet the benchmarks for certain "tools" * (must be verified)
Step 3: We will hold FREE tryouts starting in January and during the spring for the rest
   1st wave of invitations will be sent in early November
HOW DOES IT WORK? Event 1 is a Player Development Camp
 • Full Day Instructional Clinic on Day 1 led by current and former College Coaches
 • Player Welcome Dinner, Media Training & Interviews on Day 1 as well
 • Day 2 has games, and then the Draft will take place after Day 2
Event 2, 3, 4 & 5 are sort-of like weekends of The League, but better...
 • Event 2: NCAA Regional Format (4 team double-elimination, just like Regionals)
 • Event 3: Northern California Firecracker (it's a straight up tournament... with a twist)
 • Event 4: College Series Format (3 9-inning games against the same team)
 • Event 5: The Finals (modified tournament format)

A dozen Division 1 recruiting coordinators have already committed to attend

WHO WILL COACH THE TEAMS? Retired legendary HS Coaches and former college coaches
SOUNDS GOOD BUT HOW MUCH IS IT? The 100 will be less than $600 for position players and even more affordable for Pitchers.

Contact us at [email protected] or better yet, SIGN UP ON OUR INTERESTED PLAYER LIST